Saturday, December 31, 2011

Round up of 2011.....

With a new year upon us many people reflect on their past year, what they have accomplished and what they want to have happen in the next year. For us we have started the process of getting Clifford on the pump. The paperwork has been filled out and sent in, and now we are just waiting approval from the insurance. So our biggest accomplishment dealing with diabetes of 2011 was moving towards the pump. Well I take that back, moving towards the pump was our 2nd biggest accomplishment of 2011 in dealing with diabetes. The first biggest diabetes accomplishment was that Clifford is still alive and healthy.

One of the biggest diabetes accomplishments in the DOC this year is The Blue Heel Society... Have you heard of them yet???? If not you really need to check them out. You can find them on Facebook at, The Blue Heel Society For more information about what the Blue Heel Society is all about please read ahead.

The Blue Heel symbolizes the pain & discomfort that cant be seen from the outside, for those living with Diabetes. Just like a fab heel.

This organization is dedicated to all people living with, caring for, or interested in diabetes. The Blue Heel Society was formed on November 13th, the eve of World Diabetes Day, 2011 by a dedicated trio of spirited advocates who committed themselves to promoting awareness, pursuing the continued fight for a cure, highlighting obstacles people diagnosed with diabetes are faced with, and promoting advocacy for the diabetes community as a whole.

The Blue Heel Society accomplishes this NOT by raising funds, but by fueling our crusade with the strength, dedication, and passion of our partners.

Our Mission:

Advocacy - Awareness - Encouragement - Support

The mission of The Blue Heel Society is to deliver a clear, united voice via organized assembly within our own affiliation, and also at local and national gatherings, events, conventions, and other venues, helping to dispel myths, offer education and to champion the needs of people affected by diabetes.

We choose to stand up, be seen, and be heard in our Blue Heels.


@Copyright Tony Cervati 2011

My other favorite part of 2011 in the DOC was Denise's Type 1 D Mom's song, which is a Parody of Katy Perry's California Girls, you can take a listen to it at My Sweet Bean and Her Pod

So now that I've discussed what parts of diabetes I felt were the biggest accomplishments and favorites of 2011 it's time to look forward to 2012 and discuss what I want to see. First and foremost the one thing I would like to see happen with each new year is for a cure.... I am looking forward to getting Clifford on the pump even though I know it will be like diagnosis all over again in learning a bunch of new things, but I'm fairly certain at least on our end we will catch on quickly. 2012 has a lot of great things in store especially in the beginning of the year. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

Friday, December 30, 2011

What's been going on......

Wow, it's been quite some time since my last post. Since then Christmas have come and gone without much trouble, and now today we are embarking on Clifford's 8th birthday... So crazy that he is now 8, not sure how that is possible! Even though Christmas went off without much trouble, the days have still be busy and crazy. First being when Abby fell at the skating rink, and passed out. Now she is scheduled for an EEG and blood work, all of which I'm sure will come back fine, however its still pretty scary to me until they do. Hayleigh also started acting super thirsty, and of course I asked to test her. She was 148, however this was not a fasting number and she is getting tested first thing this morning to hopefully put my mind at ease there. Clifford also has been complaining of stomach aches for 4 days now after eating. His blood sugars have been great, some lows, but no highs. That was until 11pm last night when he was 299. So there I sat on the floor next to his bed, I let out a big sigh when I saw that number. I sat for a few minutes and debated with myself but ultimately decided to correct the number. I have put in a call to his endo to request a retest for Celiac's just to rule that out as stomach issues. Hopefully today turns out to be better for him since it is his birthday. I however am going to attempt to make a football shaped cake, so we will see how well that goes.

As bad as it may sound I was kind of excited to see that in the ton of blood work that Abby has to get her glucose levels are getting tested. I was going to ask about getting her A1c checked as well as Hayleigh's. I am still very much for having these done at checkups. But since they are not I am definitely not against requesting for them to be done, Just to make sure. They both have been tested for TrialNet and actually are due for their yearly recheck's here shortly, and both were negative. However with Diabetes in the house it's always in the back of your mind that it could take over another one of your children's bodies..

In all through everything going on, we're doing good. The kids are happy and enjoying the many Christmas presents they were blessed with from Santa. They are enjoying their Christmas vacation, all but Clifford that is as he is grounded for lying... Lying is one thing that is not tolerated with the kids, and we are trying to teach them now that it is not good and they must tell the truth at all times, even if they think they will get into trouble. Because they always get into more trouble when they lie. But for the day Clifford is un-grounded because it is his birthday. So he is excited to celebrate and get MORE presents lol. So here's hoping to good blood sugars, and good Swagging skills from his pancreas aka MOM in guessing all those carbs for the birthday goodies.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shots..... "Do they hurt"...

This morning the discussion in our house was about shots. Abby found out that on Friday she goes to the doctors and has to get a few shots. She immediately cringed, and tensed up and said "I don't like shots", "do they hurt???".... Hmmm I could say "it's just a pinch, and it will be all over". However I chose to let the expert in shots explain to her if they hurt, now this could have gone either way, he could have scared her more, or helped. Thankfully he helped. Clifford explained it feels like a little pinch then its all over. And that she only has to get them that day for a few minutes then not again for awhile, and to trust him that they don't really hurt because he get's them everyday!

Just a positive post about how diabetes can help to explain to a 6 year old how shots really only pinch. This week diabetes isn't the main topic of discussion there is something that even trumps that this time of year... SANTA! The kids have all seen Santa at school, and other events and they are very excited. They really haven't mentioned what they want from him, just that they need to leave him cookies, and Abby said she needs to write a letter to Mrs Claus too because she helps Santa too... HA that's right Santa it's not all about you, your lady is getting some credit as well.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Choose to be happy.

Despite the hell of the last few days in dealing with an illness and diabetes, I choose to be happy! In the midst of vomiting, trying to keep blood sugars up, I choose to be happy! If you sit and stir it is not going to help anything at all. We've all been there, we've sat, yelled and cursed at diabetes for what it does, and is doing. Trust me, I've thought how much more simple the flu would have been to handle without diabetes in the picture. But right now I can't change that, I cannot change it at this very moment so despite the curve balls being thrown at me the last few days, I have chosen to be happy. And you know what I am happy, beyond belief. I've had my moments of self pity thinking how nice it would be just to SLEEP for once. But the lack of sleep I am experiencing now is keeping my son alive, so why shouldn't I be happy. He's alive this morning, he's, granted not feeling well, but he's up, breating, reading a book and that should count for a lot. So despite the last 5 days I'm happy, and I think the household is all around happy. If I were to sit and mope and pity myself and pity Clifford for being sick and dealing with what he has to deal with then the house would feed off of that and the kids would be miserable. Instead they are happy, smiling and playing, having a good old time. My point in all this, is you need to make a decision to choose to be happy despite whatever is being thrown at you. God doesn't give you anything more than you can handle, although sometimes it may seem like it you can get through it. Choose to be happy and you will see a change in yourself and everyone around you. If you don't think you have anything to be happy about think of this... You're alive right? Well that's always a good thing.......

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Looking past diabetes for the day!

Although we live with this lifelong chronic disease 24/7/365 from time to time it's refreshing to look past diabetes. For my look past diabetes today I am going to look into one of the most important reasons I get up daily with a smile on my face able to weather the storm. And let me introduce you to that reason now:

Have you every felt like a piece of your heart, your life was missing, and no matter what you did you could not feel complete? Well almost 2 years ago I found my missing piece. Happiness to me before was just a word, a word and feeling out of my reach. I remember the moment I knew my life was changed forever and for the better. I was 14, I don't exactly remember where we were or what was going on, but I remember laying down beside Chad looking over at him. I believe this was the same day he hit a wiffle ball right into my chest, but hey that's another story. As I was laying there staring at him and listening to him talk I knew that from now on he would always hold a piece of my heart. Even though I have had my share of strife and pain in my life after that moment when I was 14, I never felt alone. There was 8 years after high school that I didn't get to see him, that I worried about him and prayed he was happy.I didn't know what to expect when I searched him up on Facebook 2 years ago. I just wanted to see how he was, and what was going on with him now. I could have never imagined that the feelings I had all this time for the last 15 years would be returned much more over. I cannot explain the feeling of happiness I feel now, because there is truly no words for it. He is not only my missing piece but my best friend. No matter what is thrown at me now I know that because I am complete that I can handle it. It is probably creepy to him but there are times usually daily that I just look at him and wonder how I got so lucky. I think to myself, "He's so gorgeous, I could just eat him up".... okay maybe that is creepy, but w/e it's true. He's not only gorgeous as that is apparent by his handsome good looks :), but he's soo smart. I never had any expectations going into this with him other then I knew it just felt right, like it's always been this way. He is a great dad, not only to his boys and our girls but to all "OUR" kids. I could not imagine my life any differently. It may have taken me quite a while to let him know how I truly felt but I will now not let a day go by without letting him know I love him sooo much. Apparently it was in God's cards that one day I would be able to experience the feeling of happiness 10 times over. Who ever thought we would go from here:

to where we are today... I wouldn't change it for anything! Chad, I love you more than you will probably every know, this is why I insist that I am right when I say I love you MORE! You are my best friend, my heart and soul, and one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am very blessed to have you in my life.... <3 you.

Friday, December 2, 2011

High Bg #'s, corrections, ketones, oh my!

I've come accustomed to understanding what is going on and why we are seeing certain #'s or ketones, etc. However I am completely baffled by the happenings of the last few days. On Wednesday Clifford woke up at 333 with moderate ketones, not feeling good, ate and wanted to go right back to bed. It took until 2pm to flush out the ketones and get his numbers finally under 200! The next day Pre Pump class, he was feeling great, but still numbers were high, with a 414 at Children's hospital for no reason, he had 4.5 units at Breakfast which is A LOT for him and it still didn't come down in fact it went up, but no ketones at this time. All day long there were no numbers under 200, in fact we concluded the night, or so we thought at 309, with a correction dose of 1.5 units, and 0.5 to cover the carbs for snack. 2.5 hours later you would assume his BG would be lower especially seeing as I opened a brand NEW bottle of humalog, and Lantus at bedtime, nope actually it was higher at 314. He was corrected again, and rechecked 1.5 hrs later, and still sitting at 254! I thought he would be okay and dip again at 3am due to his Lantus peaking, but nope, I was woken up at 1 am with him screaming out that he had gotten sick, in fact all over his floor. Once everything was cleaned up bg was checked and he was 163, but he got sick again, and again, and once more until 1:30 when he was finally sleeping with a BG# of 146. Finally at 2:30 I checked him he was only 133, and I treated since he would be dipping at 3am. I rechecked once more at 3 and he was now 121, time for bed. He actually slept straight through until 7:30. Wish I could say the same for me, I tested him once more at 5am before laying back down and he was 124. When he woke up we were at 98 and he was actually hungry, and his tummy was only hurting a little bit. He has been feeling much better all day long and I'm baffled as to if a virus hit him or he was feeling the unfortunate side effects from consistent high blood sugars for a day.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the road to pumping

Soon within the next few months our lives will change once more. This time for the better. Yes it will be almost back to diagnosis time again learning and getting used to a new "norm", but we will get the much needed flexibility. In addition we are "crossing fingers" we are approved for the integrated cgm that can be included which will help relieve some stress as well. We had our Pre-Pump class today and choose the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm insulin pump, we are thinking of going also with the Mio infusion set. This will be a whole new world of diabetes that we are not used to. It's exciting, confusing and scary all rolled in one. The funny thing about our Pre-Pump class is I felt at home, they were speaking my "language". I knew what they were talking about and learned a few things as well. It was nice to be around an environment that we deal with daily. So hopefully very soon you'll see a blog post with a picture of a smiling Clifford and his shiny new "pancreas".