Saturday, July 30, 2011

Highs, and behavior!

I'm over the attitude and behavior problems that come along with high blood sugar numbers. Clifford has had a horrible attitude issue ever since Chad left for Annual training. In part it was manageable in the beginning. I figured he thought he could get away with things he normally wouldn't because it was just me. But then we had a day of highs yesterday and the behavior was even more annoying and out of control. I repeated to him several times "Just because your high doesn't give you a free ticket to be a butt.". I tried everything that I could think of with him, and he was in trouble quite a few times. Part of me knows he feels crappy and is acting out, but the other part of me knows I can't let him get away with it, because he's a smart kid and will use the "high" issue to his advantage at other times. He wants to be treated like a normal kid and that is what I do.

After our bg#'s came down all it took was a little phone call from Chad to let him know he needs to help out around here and being the oldest is a big responsibility because he models behavior for the others. Once he had a convo with him his attitude seemed adjusted. We've had a few 'issues' today but nothing nearly as bad as yesterday. I'm hoping this behavior keeps up for the rest of the week, because it's just the kids and I for another 6 days, and there is no way this mom is dealing with another day like yesterday.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turning down candy?!?!?!?

What kid do you know of that turns down candy? Today while going into church the kids were offered peppermint candies, Clifford immediately said "No thank you, and pointed to his diabetic bracelet!" It's a weird sight for people when a kid turns down candy. He has learned very well over the last year and a half. At Bible school he told his teacher that he was not able to have the bread with them for a snack because he was diabetic and bread had carbs in it.

I'm not a big meanie so I let him take a piece of candy to save for another time. He decided instead to save his candy for Chad when he comes back for annual training! In addition to knowing what not to eat, he's also a sweet kid, when he wants to be.

Friday, July 22, 2011

We're BACK!!

It's been awhile since my last post. Summertime is crazy busy, Clifford get's extended visitation with his dad, (one week each summer month) and those weeks happened to be almost back to back. It seemed like they were never home! However now it's my turn to have the kids for a good stretch and I've got them for almost 3 weeks straight! We are having our summer vacation at Chad's mom's while he's away for Annual training with the military! It's been an interesting few days here in our world. Some words to describe it hectic, headaches, non-stop, but most importantly fun, entertaining, memory creating, and worth while. D on the other hand has been a thorn in my side. It started with crazy lows, which couldn't be brought up for nothing. The kid had 65 grams of carbs uncovered to treat lows, and still managed only to get up to 96!! That told me to decrease his insulin for the increased activity levels. So the next day I went ahead and decreased. It is working wonderfully! His numbers are within range. But we now know that watermelon is an evil sucker in D land on #'s. He had a slight high the other night and the only change was watermelon.

Now that high bugged me but what bugged me more was a low of 56 at 4am!!! His 12, and 2am check was fine, 102, and 154. Now that 56 came out of nowhere. Thankfully the big man himself was looking out for Clifford, because he woke on his own to let me know he felt very dizzy and sea sick! So we treated with not 1 but 2 juice boxes, and a pixie stick. Seems like a lot of carbs and sugar huh? But with my experience the other night from his dropping and not coming up much I felt it was necessary. I also expected him to be high in the morning with a treating at 4am. But nope, we were 140 at breakfast.

D is trying to be a butt on our vacation but we're not letting it spoil the fun! He's been running, playing baseball, jumping on the trampoline, and has done a bunch of swimming! The best part of Cliffy's vacation is he met a new friend who also happens to have diabetes! Clifford and Lenny took to each other right away and had a blast together. He got to see Lenny's pump and how it works. They even both gave rufus a shot at snacktime the other night. Although I personally think they gave him quite a bit too much insulin (60 units!!). All in all it's been fun. I've been kept busy which is a good thing. I however do miss my Chad, (yes MY chad) but we'll see him in 2 weeks!! So until then we're going to have fun and not let D get in our way!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diabetes Break

Clifford is on a week long visit with his dad, so there is no D in the house, and it just feels un-natural. For the most part I'm doing okay with not worrying "as much" about how his numbers are and what's going on. It's hard not really knowing his numbers until he get's back, other then asking Clifford on the phone and getting a short "eh good, and high" response.

So how do you enjoy a Diabetes break? I still have moments when I wake up in the middle of the night a bit concerned that I need to go test him, then I realize he's not home. So then my mind wanders wondering if he is getting tested and what's going on. I've just come to the realization that a break from Diabetes is not really a break at all. I still think about his numbers and wonder how they are. I still forget he's not home and think I need to go test him. I still out of habit look at the labels on everything and start counting out the carbs, then remember I don't have to. You'll even hear me mention just how much sugar and carbs are in certain things because I sit there when I have a moment and read the nutrition labels, just for fun, I guess.

It's hard to really write about anything surrounding diabetes when he's away as I'm not dealing with the day to day. I however deal with the non stop feeling of D. The same feeling you get when you send your D child to school for those few hours during the day. You might not be dealing with all things D, but you still are dealing with it inside.

I'm doing my best not to worry, but really how can you stop thinking about it?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Low after low after nighttime low....

Diabetes has really decided to 'test' us this week. Cliffy's numbers have been beautiful since summer vacation started. He's been playing outside like crazy when he's home and the added activity has done wonders for his numbers. We've been within range since the end of school (80-160) with exception of a few highs, and other times when he's not home. Those high's however have occurred after a long night of nighttime lows and treating those lows.

Since Sunday we've had lows 3 out of 5 nights this week already due to increased activity during the day. While exercise and activity is great for Cliffy we run the chance of running low also. It's definitely tiring when after a long day I go to check him before I go to bed and it beeps with a low number. The hardest part is having to wake him up to treat him. I've talked before how pixie sticks work wonders for these times, but we were fresh out after the 2nd night of lows, so it was juice time. After what seemed like forever of trying to wake him up, he woke still half asleep and drank some juice and ate a few cheerios.

Upon waking this morning he remembered none of that. The downside is the mornings he was low were followed by a high of 200-250. It's definitely a smack in the face when his numbers have been wonderful. Even after a 'treat' of a chocolate brownie one night he was 182 waking, and steady throughout the night. The 182 was a victory for me, especially with the brownie and having to really guess the carbs in the brownie to cover with insulin.

It's been a tiring summer so far, but it's been worth it to know he's been safe, and his numbers have been great, giving less of a chance to D to reek havoc on his body!