Monday, May 14, 2012

D Blog Week: DAY 1 Find a Friend

So this year I am participating in the 3rd Annual D Blog week. This is my 2nd year participating and I really enjoy it.


Today is Day 1, and with Day 1 today’s topic is Find a Friend. We’re kicking off D blog week by making new connections.

The one blog that I read pretty much daily is Meri’s Blog at: Our Diabetic Life. If you are looking for some honest, open and real reading about life with Diabetes you definitely will be pleased.

So I know we’re supposed to list just one, but I really think this whole list is perfect for everyone to find a friend. Click here for the list of 192 participants in this years D blog week.

Diabetes doesn’t sleep


Diabetes doesn’t sleep and because diabetes doesn’t sleep, neither do I.

So typically I would NOT Post my morning (up all night with D picture) but w/e it’s that type of morning. Diabetes does NOT sleep. I know we’ve said this many times before but it doesn’t care what time of day it is. It doesn’t need to rest and take a break for it’s next attack, it has unlimited energy! And unfortunately I do not, but I try. A typical night with Diabetes is NOT always like the one I’m about to describe, but unfortunately they do happen from time to time. A typical night with Diabetes is overnight testing, getting up to an alarm at 12 or 12:30, either correcting, leaving him be, or having to shove a juice box in his face if he’s low. If you correct or treat which honestly it’s about 70/30 that you have to do one of those other than leave him be, then you are back up in an hour to another alarm to retest, treating you want to wait 15 mins, retest, then back up in an hour just to be sure. From there it’s another alarm at 3am. Again the whole cycle begins, treat, correct, let him be. If one of the 2 then an hour once more.  I really, honestly LOVE those let him be sort of nights! Because I get to sleep!

And then you have days like last night. It was mother’s day and he got to indulge in a treat, besides, he’s a kid first right? He had chocolate cake, peanut butter icing with Resse pieces…. Yum to the max! However to my confusion he dropped like a rock to 59 before bed?!?!?!? Okay so we treated, waited and he was 90 in 30 mins, however here’s the kicker he still had 0.9 insulin on board (IOB) so what do I do, I treat again, but not as much as I was thinking to. Retest, he’s 269 (Oy vey! No winning, so I correct 0.9 units) back up at 12:30 (alarm time) and he’s 342 :/ so now I’m thinking we have a pump issue, a site issue one of them, retested after washing his fingers and it says 424! Really? One sigh of relief, no ketones, so I correct AGAIN! and retest in an hour. Well no more alarms for the night for me because Miss Annie decided to have a party from 1am to 4am with Hayleigh waking up in between, at this point I’m convinced I’m never sleeping again. Retest in an hour 363 Grrrrr. I wait another hour at 3:30ish he’s still 368, but no ketones, so I decided instead of waking him up to change a site at 3:30 seeing as he had no ketones, that I would correct and move on my way. I tested once more before finally getting back to bed close to 4:30 and he’s still riding in the lower 300s, so I had decided I would recheck at 5am when Chad’s alarm went off.

One problem , when you don’t sleep and your exhausted you sleep right through that alarm and even him leaving for work, and instead wake up at 6:50 to Clifford up for the day. Well best part, he’s ALIVE!! But really kid 6:50???? He really needs dark curtains for his windows…. Kicker of it all he’s 348! You’ve got to be kidding me. I said a few choice words, then checked ketones, NONE! So confused at this point but decided to change his site anyways so he’s not skyrocketing at school. Here’s hoping his day goes better, he got 4.5 units for breakfast so crossing fingers, saying prayers that’s enough to bring him down.

Diabetes doesn’t sleep and because diabetes doesn’t sleep, neither do I.