Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diabetic Barbie

I was able this past week to get an interview with Emma and her mom, who have created the "Diabetic Barbie", you can check out their facebook page, and give it a like while your there. They need to get to about 5,000 likes before they can contact Mattel to see what can be done about getting a Diabetic Barbie on the shelves for those with Diabetes.. I got the privilege to interview Miss Emma and see just what made her interested in creating a diabetic barbie.

What is your name, age, diagnosis story, and date to share with everyone: My name is Emma Ermel and I just turned 8 years old on Valentine's Day. I got diabetes when I was 4.

Emma's mom Amy was able to share Emma's diagnosis story with us all: Emma was diagnosed with diabetes on June 26, 2008. She had shown all the classic symptoms, increased thirst, started wetting the bed again, lost weight, but at the time I had no idea these were symptoms of diabetes. I took her into the doctor thinking she had some sort of bladder infection. Well we were sent in for a urine test and received a call from the doctor the next morning to come back in because the test had shown sugar was spilling in her urine, and they wanted to do a blood test to check it out too. So we went back in and did another urine test as well as a blood test. We received a call back from the doctor the following morning from the doctor and told me that I needed to bring Emma into the ER ASAP because her blood sugar was 33, and she was diabetic. My heart sank and I burst into tears, uncontrollably. We took her in, spent the whole day learning how to give insulin injections, count carbs, etc. Then they actually let us go home. We were the first family that our hospital had ever let go home on the day of diagnosis, unbelievable. Emma had her first low that night, it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, really, I felt so helpless. We survived though!

How has having diabetes changed your life? Diabetes hasn't changed my life much. I just had to get needles a lot before, but now I'm on a pump and only have to get a needle every 3 days, it's much better!

Do your friends understand about your diabetes? My friends know about my diabetes pretty much. they know I have to check my finger before I eat and they know that my pump is like my pancreas. They don't really bug me about it which is nice. a lot of them help me out with my fundraisers for JDRF too which is really cool!

Now tell me what gave you the great idea to come up with a diabetic barbie?
I thought a lot about having a diabetic barbie because I heard from my friends at school that they were making a bald barbie with cancer. It made me wish that there was a Diabetic Barbie at the stores to buy too.

Let's talk about barbie more, what kind of "accessories" will she have, as you know accessories are a girls best friend.
I think it would be cool for diabetic barbie to have a pump like more or she could have a case with a pen needle like I used to have. She would have a meter, and a case too. She could totally have all of the stuff that we have and maybe even carry it around in a purse like my Mom does!

So you know, you are a hero to many, as well as myself, but I'm curious, who is your hero?
Thank you for saying I am a hero! I think my heroes are my mom because she takes care of me, and probably Albert Einstein because he was really smart. But he was also silly, I saw a picture of him sticking his tongue out and read in a book that he liked to ride his bike and play even though he was a grown up. (note from Mom: Emma is currently doing a report on Germany for school and read a book about Einstein since he is German, she thought he was the coolest guy ever!)

What would you tell other girls and boys with diabetes?
I would tell other kids with diabetes that it's okay to have it. It doesn't make you weird. Everybody has something special about them.

When you grow up what do you want to do/ be?
When I grow up I want to be an artist, a dancer, and a song writer.

List 5 things that you love/like about having diabetes.
I get to meet other really nice kids with it too.
I get to go to cool places that JDRF does like a swimming party
I get to have my hot chocolate sale fundraiser for JDRF
I get to show people my pancreas is on the outside of my body

Is there anything else you'd like to tell everyone?
I guess all that I would say to people is that I hope someday kids like me can buy a Diabetic Barbie and get to play with her too!

Emma is a great girl who is determined, and motivated. Hopefully soon she can get to the 5,000 likes on her FB page so that she is able to tell Mattel how important to those with diabetes a diabetic barbie would be. Let's help her achieve her dream and do our part by taking a look at her FB page and sharing some love with Emma!