Thursday, May 17, 2012

D Blog Week: Day #4 Fantasy Device



When I envision a fantasy D device I think about KITT from Knight Rider. I don’t know why but I imagine a device with the same voice that can be transferred into the car when it comes time to drive.

This device will alert you of highs and lows 1 hr before they are set to occur. This device will talk to your pump let it know exactly what your blood sugar is, what the carb amount is and tell it to give you an exact amount of insulin. No more finger pricks, no carb counting, somehow this machine / device will just KNOW what to do.

Or we can just have The Rock come and scare/will your pancreas into kick starting and working again, because well he’s The Rock. I perhaps would say Chuck Norris, but not really a Chuck Norris fan, besides the The Rock is a much scarier pancreas re-starter….