Friday, January 6, 2012

The Diabetes Fairy

It seems that the diabetes fairy has graced us with her presence overnight as of late. I posted yesterday about Clifford's overnight numbers which let's recap (97 at bedtime, 127 at 11pm, 131 at 1am, 115 at 3am, and 93 at wake up....I celebrated that as a small victory. I didn't however expect to be celebrating another small victory today. His numbers stayed as steady as one could ask. He was 95 at bedtime, 128 at 11pm, 127 at 3am, and *drum roll please* 129 at wake up. I don't think you could ask for anything more steady and constant. I'm super excited by these numbers. Now that is not to say we will continue on that path the rest of the day, but for overnight that is another small victory to add to our calendars! So as I stated, it seems that the diabetes fairy has graced us with her presence. I thought about what I'd imagine a diabetes fairy would look like, and I'm assuming it's something like the picture of the thing I created above... Besides a diabetes fairy should have all the D supplies one would need, right? Whatever it is, I would like the diabetes fairy to stick around at our house a little while longer, say..... Indefinitely! I don't think that is really too much to ask. Oh yes, and notice from the picture above, (a rainbow) now I just need to figure out someway to add in unicorns and glitter and we'll be on track.