Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Pump Life

Clifford has been officially pumping “insulin” for 2 days shy of a month now. I’m going to throw it out there for those of you that are not pumping yet. I love it!  So much easier all around, and he is saved from 6 injections a day. Now the above picture is NOT something one wants to see at a random check at 11:30pm. He’s had some high’s but really nothing much over 300 minus a bad site when he was 500. So this told me he didn’t get any of that 1.5 units that were bolused at bedtime. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been if I didn’t check until scheduled check at 12:30.

Long story short, it was a party in Clifford’s room at 11:30 pm with a 3 unit correction with syringe, blood, ketones, water, insulin, site change you name it we had it. After we pulled the site I reviewed it and it looked beautiful. This told me maybe it was the insulin (which mind you I just gave 3 units with for a correction via syringe) to be on the safe side I got a new bottle to fill the reservoir with. When I rechecked him in 1 hour it was clear to me it was the insulin, he was 553, he in fact went up but ketones went down to 0.6 (thank god). I remember Clifford asking me at 11:30 (Does this mean I will have to miss school), Told him no because by morning he should be all better, if not he’d be in the hospital. (just the life with ketones and T1D). Long story short after a long night of checks every 1 to 2 hrs he woke up to eat breakfast at 150 with 0.0 ketones. So to me that was a victory as he’s off to school feeling much better.
Don’t let this horror story scare you because we’ve only had two bad site issues since starting, and a couple not wanting to stick, but the majority of the time it’s been fabulous. In telling the journey with the pump you have the bad with the good, and it’s good to tell it all to help everyone be prepared. Now if you don’t mind I’m off to get some more caffeine to keep my eyeballs open.