Sunday, April 22, 2012

WEGO Day #22: Things we forget

Today’s prompt is the “Things we forget” : write yourself a reminder. It can be in the form of an online post – or a picture of an actual Post-It like the ones from the website.
Funny that this was today’s prompt because here is my computer from when I woke up this morning.
It might be a bit difficult to read but it is a post it that says “Call in OneTouch Strips tomorrow”. Even though I posted about how I keep track of prescriptions here , I had to give myself a reminder because before I went to bed I noticed the date of the last refill of OneTouch strips, it was 3/21/12, that mean’s it’s time to refill again. So I provided myself with a little bit of a reminder that when I sat down at the laptop in the morning I would see it.
So for my HAWMC Day 22 post here is my little reminder. I really haven’t been keeping up with my HAWMC posts like I should have, but from here on out I pledge to keep up with them all.