Friday, December 30, 2011

What's been going on......

Wow, it's been quite some time since my last post. Since then Christmas have come and gone without much trouble, and now today we are embarking on Clifford's 8th birthday... So crazy that he is now 8, not sure how that is possible! Even though Christmas went off without much trouble, the days have still be busy and crazy. First being when Abby fell at the skating rink, and passed out. Now she is scheduled for an EEG and blood work, all of which I'm sure will come back fine, however its still pretty scary to me until they do. Hayleigh also started acting super thirsty, and of course I asked to test her. She was 148, however this was not a fasting number and she is getting tested first thing this morning to hopefully put my mind at ease there. Clifford also has been complaining of stomach aches for 4 days now after eating. His blood sugars have been great, some lows, but no highs. That was until 11pm last night when he was 299. So there I sat on the floor next to his bed, I let out a big sigh when I saw that number. I sat for a few minutes and debated with myself but ultimately decided to correct the number. I have put in a call to his endo to request a retest for Celiac's just to rule that out as stomach issues. Hopefully today turns out to be better for him since it is his birthday. I however am going to attempt to make a football shaped cake, so we will see how well that goes.

As bad as it may sound I was kind of excited to see that in the ton of blood work that Abby has to get her glucose levels are getting tested. I was going to ask about getting her A1c checked as well as Hayleigh's. I am still very much for having these done at checkups. But since they are not I am definitely not against requesting for them to be done, Just to make sure. They both have been tested for TrialNet and actually are due for their yearly recheck's here shortly, and both were negative. However with Diabetes in the house it's always in the back of your mind that it could take over another one of your children's bodies..

In all through everything going on, we're doing good. The kids are happy and enjoying the many Christmas presents they were blessed with from Santa. They are enjoying their Christmas vacation, all but Clifford that is as he is grounded for lying... Lying is one thing that is not tolerated with the kids, and we are trying to teach them now that it is not good and they must tell the truth at all times, even if they think they will get into trouble. Because they always get into more trouble when they lie. But for the day Clifford is un-grounded because it is his birthday. So he is excited to celebrate and get MORE presents lol. So here's hoping to good blood sugars, and good Swagging skills from his pancreas aka MOM in guessing all those carbs for the birthday goodies.

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