Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Pancreas is stumped....

Since Cliffy's pancreas went on strike, and stopped producing insulin and we're officially out of the honeymooning phase with Type 1, I have been appointed "Official Pancreas of Clifford". For the most part I kind of have an idea of what is going on, and what I should and shouldn't be doing. However this pancreas is officially stumped..

He out of the blue has a fever at school, then get's sent home with said fever. Okay fine no vomiting (thank you god!), that is a whole mess on it's own when being a Pancreas. Just a slight temp and a slight cough. Okay we can work with this. No ketones, again (Thank you god). But one thing that just will not go down is his blood sugar. Consistently the numbers have been 220-280. It seems no matter what this pancreas does, (Adjusting insulin, etc), she just can't seem to get the number under 200. That is until Snack time... Oh yes my friends, this pancreas did it. He had a Meal Bar with 11gs of sugar, and 26 gs of Carbs. So being the official pancreas that I am, I adjusted his insulin based on the extra sugar, and 5 extra carbs, and at the 2 hr mark we were sitting at 174! Yay, celebrate, well that was until dinner time when we were back up to 202.

I swear D is giving me a run for my money today. I'm tired, but still racking my pancreatic brain to figure out how to battle D for the rest of the night, and hopefully keep it at bay for bedtime..