Friday, May 13, 2011

Awesome Things......

It took awhile for me to write up this post as it's very hard to imagine what "awesome" things diabetes has brought us. Today we experienced our first "LO". A "LO" reading on the meter means the blood sugar level is below 20!!! This happened after recess at school.

Honestly there are only a small handful of good things I can think of because of Diabetes..
1.) We take it day by day.... We were forced to slow down and cherish everyday with one another. It's a celebration when Clifford wakes up in the morning on his own. Putting him to bed at night is one of the more scary things that I have to do.

2.)I now have a HUGE understanding how many things work and affect the body. For example did you know that there are 4 calories per gram of carbs???? Or that 1/3 of energy from protein is made into sugar??

3.) Because of diabetes I am more aware of the symptoms of D. I am more able to recognize them much sooner.

I apologize for not having many positives about D today but I'm worn out from our first low incident, and the day in general.