Thursday, April 5, 2012

WEGO Day #5: Inspired by Life

Inspired By LIFE
Image Source
WEGO Health Activist Writing Month Challenge Day #5: 
Write a post inspired by an image, also referred to as an Ekphrasis post

For my post today the image I have chosen is that of "new life". I can't help but think each time I would give Clifford an injection and now fill up his reservoir with insulin, and that "band aide" type smell of insulin would find it's way out that it's the smell of "life". Clifford thinks it's a bit strange that I refer to it as the smell of life, because it definitely doesn't smell good at all. But I can't help but think of it that way. Without this band aide smelling insulin he wouldn't be alive. Insulin is not a cure at all, but it's definitely a life saver, more of life support. Without it those with Type 1 diabetes would die. So to me insulin is life. Insulin took Clifford from an unconscious state of DKA with high blood sugars and ketones running wild through his body, slowly killing him, to a lively healthy 8 year old boy. How can you not look at insulin as life!

While I hope for a cure more than anything, for now I will settle and be happy for the invention of insulin, (Thank you Dr. Banting) and enjoy the "life" that my son is now allowed to experience.