Thursday, July 12, 2012

D Victory Day

Ever have that Day in D land where you just rocked bg#’s. Well today was that day for us. After some unfortunate highs the previous two days, 1st day due to a bent tip of the cannula (didn’t find this until changing the site for a scheduled change), took a few hours bug bg’s finally came down. Next day highs, here and there, thought it was bubbles in the tubing, so changed the tubing out, still a bit higher than I liked. Told Clifford, in my gut I just had a feeling we had to change the site. So we changed it AGAIN, and the cannula was bent :/. Overnight well that was no fun. New site was definitely working, however delayed lows from all the activity during the day hit us hard, 73, 57, finally got a 92, 130 at 3am, only for him to wake up at 51! Usually a day starting like that doesn’t seem to work out. However that was not the case, all day long no numbers over 136, and only one other low other than the 51 at wake up and it wasn’t even super low at 67! I would like to say that is a D victory day! Have to celebrate them when you get them. I’m hoping our luck continues to keep on going for the remainder of this site. Here’s hoping delayed lows don’t hit us again tonight. But one things for sure if they do I will be up to catch them…. Where’s the caffeine???