Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a Snug kinda day

Snow day!! Yes I repeat Snow day!! That is in the words of a very excited 7 year old boy! This is his first time in school that his school has closed. He was thrilled beyond belief and let out a huge YES!!! With a jump and a clap when I let him listen to the cancellation message on the phone.

After the excitement wore off we decided we would move from my cozy bedroom to the living room so they could watch Narnia on the big television. I think he's more excited over the fact that he's grounded but I let him out to watch a movie with his sisters because he was being good. I can remember vaguely the excitement of a snow day from school! It was only about oh 21 years ago that I was in 1st grade like cliffy :O........ (Ssssssh don't tell)..

The twins have even decided it's not worth it waking up. They both slept through the night AGAIN (third day in a row), this meant at 12 I only woke briefly to my alarm to check Cliffy's BS, back in bed by 12:03, (we were sitting at 247). Babies woke me at 3:30, off to check Cliffy (Down to 181!!), fed both back in bed by 4:40.... Poor Chad had to go out in this mess at 5:30 before they really touched the roads so I can imagine they were horrible.... I reset the alarm to sleep in a little later but woke up at 7 to Abby, told her to lay down by me and snuggle with the heater going it seemed like a nice cozy fireplace. That only lasted for 10 mins when the twins awoke again. Decided it was that lazy type of morning, Hayleigh woke up this time and they snuggled in bed to watch Narnia. I figured Cliffy wouldn't want to miss this so woke him up to watch as well!!. After the twins feeding they were out COLD!. They decided it was too crappy out to bother waking up right now... Gives me time to enjoy a cup of hot tea.

D was being an ass this morning and decided to rear it's ugly head with the dawn phenomenon, because our waking number was 347!!! *tisk tisk , shame on you D, don't you know it's a SNOW DAY!!!* In all the day has started good. We gave D a good talking to, and said it better stay in check the rest of the day!! Because after lunch we are going and jumping in the new snow and making all sorts of mess!