Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of those days......

It all started at 10:15 pm with a random (before bed) blood sugar check. The meter beeped and read "76". UGH! I was very tired at this point. But ran downstairs to my stash of pixie sticks, and back up to Cliffy's bedside. He didn't wake at all, I opened his mouth he by habit took the pixie sticks, they were absorbed and back to sleep he went. Then 10:30 rolled around, I went to check him to see where he was now and I got a lovely "86". Normally during the day this would have been awesome, but not something you like to see before bedtime. So I decided to wait up until 11pm to test him again to make sure he was more of where I wanted him to be. When 11pm rolled around I could barely keep my eyeballs opened any longer. Thankfully he was "133", and I went to bed.

But as you can tell from this picture, my sleep wouldn't be for too long. I had a scheduled check at 12 due to the low blood sugar. He was sitting good at 168. "Yay thankfully a good 3 hr stretch of sleep". However when 3am rolled around, I wanted nothing more then to throw the iPod for waking me up again, until I realized I needed to go check him. We were a little high at 189 but something I could most definitely live with for an overnight number. I should have known that the wee morning hours would roll around and the hormones would get us once again. I swear we can never win with D. He's low during the night, then wakes up at 318! No happy medium whatsoever. That was the rough start of my day with D.

But now I am scanning over facebook and see this new Hidden Valley Ranch Commercial which by the way is very offensive to diabetics, parents of diabetics, or family members of diabetics who know what they go through on a daily basis.

I have already written an email to let them know how offensive it may come across to some.

While I absolutely love your products, I am fully offended by the new commercial. It starts by saying "10 minutes until a low blood sugar meltdown". I'm sorry but as a mother of a Type 1 diabetic (Insulin diabetic) this is truly offensive to me. I don't believe you would actually like to experience a low blood sugar meltdown. Perhaps that would be when my son passed out from having a low blood sugar and bumped his head, or when he had a seizure from an undetected low blood sugar?? I understand the idea of what you were getting at with hungry children for this commercial, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I am appalled. Not everyone will take offense to this as they don't live day in and out worried about an actual "low blood sugar meltdown", which by the way could be fatal. It is not something to joke about and I truly hope you consider rephrasing the commercial.

I have no intentions on continuing my purchasing of your products now due to your ignorance on the subject matter.

Oh wait Hidden Valley... Perhaps if I would have known T-minus 10 minutes I would have been able to get sleep last night if I would have made some Ranch burgers for dinner, or been able to detect Clifford's low blood sugar well before my bedtime..... Hmm I will keep that in mind.

I actually really do like their products especially the seasoning packet featured in the commercial, usually used it with sour cream for dip for holidays, but not this year.