Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WEGO Day #17: Learned the Hard Way

What’s a lesson you learned the hard way?
Two lessons learned the hard way for this girl.
#1: Never take life for granted. Don’t assume that everyone you love will be there to greet you the next day, that you’ll have time tomorrow to say “I love you” to your children because you were too busy to do it today. Because everything you have today could be gone in a flash. This lesson learned the hard way courtesy of Diabetes. Clifford’s diagnosis shook me up. But it really wasn’t until he had a seizure from a low that it dawned on me just how serious D was. This was 4 months post diagnosis, and 2 months prior he passed out from a low, glucagon had to be used. Oh yeah you’re trained to use that sucker (what like 20 mins in a class at the hospital during diagnosis week (or hell week as I refer to it). But honestly learn from me. Practice, Practice. We are lucky to get enough glucagon that I have two at school, one in his backpack, 4 in various places in the house and 1 in each of my purses. When they expire, practice. You don’t want to be sitting there hands shaking trying to get it all figured out trust me. Even though you do everything correctly and get the Gluc injection in, it seems like forever in the process.

#2: If you don’t like the direction your life is going, change it! Can’t regret changes to make yourself better, your life better, and your family’s life better. If you’re not happy in your current situation, sitting there and doing nothing about it isn’t really going to help. Things are not going to magically change the next morning. Believe me, been there done that and couldn’t be happier now that changes were made!
#3: Oops I know I said 2 lessons but this one just really popped in my head. DIABETES SUCKS! It sucks horribly. But move past it, and do what you have to do to keep it at bay! Until there is a cure, this is the new normal, the new life. Deal with it, take it head on like everything else and kick it’s hiney!