Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diabetes and Summertime!


Well it’s official, summer vacation has started! I’m actually pretty excited for the kids to be home for the summer. Summertime is absolutely wonderful for the most part on Clifford’s blood sugars! A short trip on the trampoline will dip his numbers like crazy, so it’s great for unexplained highs, and we must boost him up if he’s running normal so he can get on and enjoy himself like everyone else.

Basal’s have been increased as of last week all across the board, and I have a feeling by this time next week we’ll be decreasing those said basals again. From sun up to sun down those kids are outside playing or doing some sort of activity, and exercise/activity works wonders on blood sugars. But can also be dangerous if it drops too low too fast. So when it comes to diabetes and summertime it’s always important to remember to test more frequently and be aware of how your body is feeling, or how your loved one is acting to ensure you have a safe and healthy summer!