Saturday, June 23, 2012

The cost of living with diabetes



We all know the ultimate cost that living with Diabetes places on the PWD and their families. The mental burden of living with D and caring for someone that lives with D can become overwhelming, if you let it.


The one thing that has always bugged me about this disease other than the most common reasons, is the financial cost it takes to keep someone with D alive!  Thankfully we have insurance that pays for the majority of this, but I know there are others out there that are not so lucky. It’s important to get the word out of what it really costs for someone with Diabetes just to stay alive. As an example I will use Clifford’s costs for a month.


  • 650 Testing Strips = $650.00
  • 10 Infusion sets & reservoirs = $178.00
  • Alcohol wipes, IV 3000,IV prep, and Uni Solve= $60.00
  • 600 Lancets= $70.00
  • 4 vials humalog insulin =$480.00
  • 1 vial Lantus insulin (just in case) =$120.00
  • Batteries, Juice boxes, glucose tablets= $50.00

Now we also have his supplies that we get 2x a year

  • Blood Ketone Strips 350 a year = $1750.00

Every month it roughly costs $1754.00 just to keep Clifford alive. If we look at it yearly the cost is $21,046.. You need a full time job just to be able to afford your supplies that keep you alive YEARLY without insurance. This is a bit ridiculous, and the one thing that has bothered me. In addition Clifford also takes Synthroid to help regulate his thyroid levels because of Hashimotos. There are many other PWD’s living with other conditions that cost even more $$ as well. This is why we push so hard for a cure! It’s way to expensive to have diabetes!