Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 Healthy years with Diabetes

Two short years ago today, we sat and watched while Clifford was still unconscious coming out of DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis), many tears were shed, I feared that my son wouldn't wake up from this nightmare known as diabetes. But here we are two years later with a happy healthy Clifford, bouncing and full of joy to share the news he has had diabetes for 2 years today.

It hasn't been easy, in 2 years of living with diabetes he's endured 13,140 finger pokes to check his blood glucose levels, and 4,380 injections. This is not counting the numerous blood draws he gets every 3 months, and the many IV's needed during hospital stays. In these 2 years we've had our share of scary experiences, one involving Clifford passing out from a hypoglycemic event, and being transported via ambulance to Children's hospital. The scariest of them all was when he suffered from seizures due to another hypoglycemic event and was life-flighted to Children's hospital, to this day I really do not like seeing a medical helicopter in the sky. It was only a 15 minute trip, during which I got sick, either from morning sickness with the twins, or stress of my son going through this.

However during these 2 years we've celebrated and witnessed much more positive events, A 7th birthday, then an 8th birthday, basketball practices, cub scout achievements, the birth of our twins, birthday's of siblings (I think we hit a 2 year birthday which btw was the day Clifford passed out, a 3 year birthday( 2 of these), a 4 year birthday, a 5 year birthday(again 2 of these), and (2) 6 year birthday's. The start of Preschool, Kindergarten (2 times), 1st grade (2 of these too), and 2nd grade. Many family holiday's and successful carb counting situations. Yesterday being one of these. It was swagging at it's finest and I would like to brag. Clifford's bg was 135 at his Blue & Gold banquet for Cub Scouts, some swagging involved for pasta, a salad and a piece of bread he was 75 when we returned from home. Then snack was given and a HI-C juice box since it was bedtime (75 is a good # but not one I like at bedtime), he woke up at 113 this morning! A nice way to start his 2 year celebration with diabetes.

We are soon embarking on a new journey with diabetes on the start of his insulin pump in 17 short days, we cannot wait. In all you can see it's been a trying time, but more so a fun and exciting time. Everyday is a celebration of a healthy day with D when he wakes up! So here's to many, many more healthy years with happy and exciting times with Diabetes!