Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Using Personalized Books to Get Kids to Read


*Guest Post from HB Redbird on how to get your kids more interested in reading. Even though my blog is focused around Type 1, reading is very important in children’s lives. We encourage it greatly in our home and I thought it would be beneficial to get the word out there with this beautifully written guest post.


Next to math, getting a child to read is becoming increasingly difficult. Attention spans are getting shorter, and the desire to play video games is getting greater. One of the best ways to encourage a child to read is to cater to their desire for everything to be about them. Personalized books are a sure fire way to do that.


What are Personalized Books?

Books that include a child’s name, their age, where they live, and even their friends are what set personalized books apart from other books. They take characters that children love, such as Sesame Street, and put the child into the story. You fill out a form for the company to enter the information into the book while printing. The books can be entertaining or they can be educational. Some companies will even put a dedication to the child at the front of the book.

Places to Buy

One of the best places to purchase personalized books is at Flatten Me. Flatten Me takes personalized books to a whole new level. They include the child’s name, but also family photos can be added to the characters. Children enjoy seeing their name in stories; however, they also are drawn into the illustrations in the book. Seeing your parent as a superhero in a book, or see themselves as a pirate, their imagination is drawn to the book. The company has books geared for all ages so you can encourage all children, or adults, to read with this company.

Other Products

Along with personalized books, another way to get a child interested in reading is having them write. Writing takes what they have learned while reading, and makes them practice making the same sounds. Flatten Me takes your child’s picture and puts it on the cover of a journal. If you have a child who likes horses, gift them the Just Horsin’ Around journal. Then you can gift them a personalized book where they can write down their thoughts about the book. This can be made into a lesson by having them write how they would change the story.

Another creative product that Flatten Me provides is personalized wall art that you can create personalized reading spaces. Your child that enjoys horses, use the Just Horsin’ Around wall art. Throw in some horse pillows and a fuzzy rug, and your child will be dying to read in their spot daily.

Children are naturally inquisitive and have short attention spans. It is imperative to cater teaching them to their learning style. If your child is fighting you on learning to read, go to their natural desire to be the center of the world and get them a story that stars them. You know your child the best, so chose a style of book that will keep their attention. At the beginning, do not worry if they only want to read personalized comic books or personalized books on fighting dragons. They are still learning letter sounds and blends. Before you know it, they will want to read longer books and the personalization can be a treat for birthdays or special holidays.