Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's official the pump has arrived!

So Clifford's new insulin pump arrived today. I normally would say his new shiny blue pancreas arrived, but those in the house (not naming names) say it's a pump. I guess they are partially correct in that it's not an exact replica of the human pancreas. Because think about it. The pancreas measures the amount of glucose in the bloodstream so it can give out the exact amount of insulin needed to maintain glucose levels. While the pump will provide Clifford with his insulin we will still have to monitor his blood glucose levels. So technically speaking the pump and ourselves are his new "pancreas".... Yeah I'm silly but whatever! Today was a very exciting day knowing that it would be delivered today. At one point ice was melting off the roof and it made a loud sound, I jumped up and said UPS was here, but nope just ice.

In addition to the pump we also got some Glucose
Quick Sticks to try in treating lows. I will admit openly now that I did "test" them out first.. I was curious about the taste and if Clifford would like them. I am happy to report they were quite yummy, but I only tried a little bit, really wasn't in need of fast acting carbs at the time! So now onward to pumping we go. Included with the pump were the pump supplies needed for a month worth of pumping, and a boat load of homework for myself. Tons to read up on and practice, and take some quizzes to make sure we are ready to fill in the gap and help become a better pancreas along with the pump for Clifford, there I said it PANCREAS!!!