Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The dreaded Ketones....

Per my last posting, I suspected that Clifford might be getting sick. We have no temperature, no cough, no runny nose, no other symptoms of him getting sick, other then a few higher blood sugars, and the dreaded ketones. We were within range during the night, (116 at 10pm, etc) and woke at 244 with as you can see 1.2 ketones.... *sigh* Second day of what we'll call "moderate" ketones. Yesterday was 0.9. The normal "ketone" schedule followed ( Drink extra water, pee, drink more water, pee again, extra insulin, pee)

I really do not like seeing this number on the ketone meter, just sayin'. Tells me, because the 244 is not super high, and we've had those numbers before with "ZERO" ketones, he is most likely getting sick. So in the event he had his vitamins as normal, and some added vitamin C to hopefully kick whatever is trying to get him 's hiney!

I originally suspected Croup as the culprit to enter the house via Hayleigh from Preschool. As Hayleigh had out of no where spiked a fever, and had a deep barking cough. But even after going to the doctor's there was no diagnosis. Now with Maggie coughing, and wheezing, Abby losing her voice, and coughing, I'm thinking it may be something else. We shall see what the doctor says today for both those girls.

I definitely miss the "School free" days when germs were kept at bay and we went through cold/ flu/allergy season with nothing more then a few sniffles.... It just looks like I'll be adding more vitamins, and immunity items to my arsenal come fall when Abby goes to Kindergarten, to bring even more germs home. Also thinking perhaps we should invest in some masks (serious, not kidding)...... Here's hoping it's not much of anything and all will be free from it soon, seeing as we are entering into SUMMER VACATION.

Back to my original topic, Ketones... They suck, plain and simple. We flushed them out yesterday, and we'll flush them out today but how dare they sneak into Cliffy's body. Thank you D for helping them to appear. But just like you, they are not welcome. At least with Ketones we can get rid of them.... One day D your day will come, one day... * Evil laugh follows*....