Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Take a moment…..

When life with D kicks you down

Wipe yourself off, get back up off the ground,

and take a moment and ponder where you are,

just how far you’ve come from life so bizarre.

High blood sugars, low blood sugars, the rollercoaster of D

Hang on for the ride, don’t let time slip by, or you may not see

exactly where your headed, down the path of life,

full of love, hope, success, and perhaps a little strife.

But take a moment and review just what you’ve learned,

all those sleepless nights, full of fear and worry, badges of honor are what you’ve earned.

Stand tall, and walk with pride,

as you are among the special few that will survive.

There may be times D tries to trip you up,

but remember to take a moment, and tell it to shut up!