Sunday, September 11, 2011

A poem for dealing with D...

It was asked today at Sunday school how you can show your faith or worship to God in writing. I used to write poems all the time from the age of 15 on. At 15 I lost my cousin, more like my brother and it helped to write out my feelings. However with as busy life has gotten I haven't had much time to write. Tonight I sat down and tried to accomplish this task. The only thing that came to my mind in showing my faith in God is in dealing with D. It is a very difficult journey to deal with an illness that at anytime can take my son away from us. It has been a long hard road to follow in getting to the point I'm at now. So with my words here is how I show my faith to God on our D journey.

The unknown scares me to my core.
I don't know how I can take much more.
During times of many questions.
I open my heart and mind to your suggestions.
My strength I pull from you.
For you are there to lead me through.
The difficult times both near and far.
You are my ultimate northern star.