Saturday, December 3, 2011

Looking past diabetes for the day!

Although we live with this lifelong chronic disease 24/7/365 from time to time it's refreshing to look past diabetes. For my look past diabetes today I am going to look into one of the most important reasons I get up daily with a smile on my face able to weather the storm. And let me introduce you to that reason now:

Have you every felt like a piece of your heart, your life was missing, and no matter what you did you could not feel complete? Well almost 2 years ago I found my missing piece. Happiness to me before was just a word, a word and feeling out of my reach. I remember the moment I knew my life was changed forever and for the better. I was 14, I don't exactly remember where we were or what was going on, but I remember laying down beside Chad looking over at him. I believe this was the same day he hit a wiffle ball right into my chest, but hey that's another story. As I was laying there staring at him and listening to him talk I knew that from now on he would always hold a piece of my heart. Even though I have had my share of strife and pain in my life after that moment when I was 14, I never felt alone. There was 8 years after high school that I didn't get to see him, that I worried about him and prayed he was happy.I didn't know what to expect when I searched him up on Facebook 2 years ago. I just wanted to see how he was, and what was going on with him now. I could have never imagined that the feelings I had all this time for the last 15 years would be returned much more over. I cannot explain the feeling of happiness I feel now, because there is truly no words for it. He is not only my missing piece but my best friend. No matter what is thrown at me now I know that because I am complete that I can handle it. It is probably creepy to him but there are times usually daily that I just look at him and wonder how I got so lucky. I think to myself, "He's so gorgeous, I could just eat him up".... okay maybe that is creepy, but w/e it's true. He's not only gorgeous as that is apparent by his handsome good looks :), but he's soo smart. I never had any expectations going into this with him other then I knew it just felt right, like it's always been this way. He is a great dad, not only to his boys and our girls but to all "OUR" kids. I could not imagine my life any differently. It may have taken me quite a while to let him know how I truly felt but I will now not let a day go by without letting him know I love him sooo much. Apparently it was in God's cards that one day I would be able to experience the feeling of happiness 10 times over. Who ever thought we would go from here:

to where we are today... I wouldn't change it for anything! Chad, I love you more than you will probably every know, this is why I insist that I am right when I say I love you MORE! You are my best friend, my heart and soul, and one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am very blessed to have you in my life.... <3 you.

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