Friday, July 1, 2011

Low after low after nighttime low....

Diabetes has really decided to 'test' us this week. Cliffy's numbers have been beautiful since summer vacation started. He's been playing outside like crazy when he's home and the added activity has done wonders for his numbers. We've been within range since the end of school (80-160) with exception of a few highs, and other times when he's not home. Those high's however have occurred after a long night of nighttime lows and treating those lows.

Since Sunday we've had lows 3 out of 5 nights this week already due to increased activity during the day. While exercise and activity is great for Cliffy we run the chance of running low also. It's definitely tiring when after a long day I go to check him before I go to bed and it beeps with a low number. The hardest part is having to wake him up to treat him. I've talked before how pixie sticks work wonders for these times, but we were fresh out after the 2nd night of lows, so it was juice time. After what seemed like forever of trying to wake him up, he woke still half asleep and drank some juice and ate a few cheerios.

Upon waking this morning he remembered none of that. The downside is the mornings he was low were followed by a high of 200-250. It's definitely a smack in the face when his numbers have been wonderful. Even after a 'treat' of a chocolate brownie one night he was 182 waking, and steady throughout the night. The 182 was a victory for me, especially with the brownie and having to really guess the carbs in the brownie to cover with insulin.

It's been a tiring summer so far, but it's been worth it to know he's been safe, and his numbers have been great, giving less of a chance to D to reek havoc on his body!