Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shots..... "Do they hurt"...

This morning the discussion in our house was about shots. Abby found out that on Friday she goes to the doctors and has to get a few shots. She immediately cringed, and tensed up and said "I don't like shots", "do they hurt???".... Hmmm I could say "it's just a pinch, and it will be all over". However I chose to let the expert in shots explain to her if they hurt, now this could have gone either way, he could have scared her more, or helped. Thankfully he helped. Clifford explained it feels like a little pinch then its all over. And that she only has to get them that day for a few minutes then not again for awhile, and to trust him that they don't really hurt because he get's them everyday!

Just a positive post about how diabetes can help to explain to a 6 year old how shots really only pinch. This week diabetes isn't the main topic of discussion there is something that even trumps that this time of year... SANTA! The kids have all seen Santa at school, and other events and they are very excited. They really haven't mentioned what they want from him, just that they need to leave him cookies, and Abby said she needs to write a letter to Mrs Claus too because she helps Santa too... HA that's right Santa it's not all about you, your lady is getting some credit as well.

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  1. What a great post! Way to go, Clifford! True champ you are for helping your sis out there like that, and explaining shots so beautifully to help her through the experience. As a fellow shot-injector myself for many years, I say to you: Nicely done!