Saturday, September 10, 2011

School is back in session as of Tuesday, Sept 6th, and it has done nothing but wreak havoc on Clifford's blood sugar numbers. It's just that time of year again that he made need more insulin. However the debate with myself that I'm having is that I feel he should be more active in sports or extra curricular activities first to see if that helps before we increase his insulin. All summer long when he was home and the weather was nice the first thing he did after breakfast was go outside and play, and so it continued all day long after lunch, and after dinner. His numbers reflected this, they were Great!.

But now he's back in school, and it's been doing nothing but raining all day and everyday, he's stuck inside with no recess, and only gym once a week. My thought is why just increase his insulin if he can get into activities and become more active. I know that there is a good chance in the winter time he'll need more insulin even if he is active but right now I'm leaning on activity to see if that helps. I'm just not enjoying the numbers of 300s and 400s at school when I know he has not been that high in a long time when he was at home. It's frustrating to say the least. He has been known in the past (last year) to sneak food he wasn't supposed to, so that is an option too. That is why at our 504 meeting I am recommending we have an Aide with him during the day and on the bus. #1 to help if he's low, etc. #2. They can watch over and make sure he's only eating his lunch that he packs.

Normally kids trade foods etc, and it's no big deal. Not in this case, each carb is counted and he must eat only his, because if he traded and got something with more carbs, well highs will happen for sure. I just know there is NO reason he should be this high during the day at school. When he get's home it's a fight to get him back within range, only for him to wake up then go back to school. That is one roller coaster his body should not be riding.