Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life with Type 1

Seeing as November is Diabetes Awareness month I think it would be best to shine some light on what it is to live with Type 1 diabetes as a child. There is a lot of different aspects to Type 1 so it will be better to provide you with a little insight on a daily basis rather than throw it all at you at once. The first little peek into the life with T1 as a child I will give you is what happened yesterday. This is the 2nd time this school year so far this has happened. I got a call around 1:30 that Clifford's blood sugar was running high all day 5 check so far throughout the day and well over 300+. He had a substitute nurse who had not worked with Clifford before and was unfamiliar with what to do in this situation. She said Clifford had just come back down and wasn't feeling good, he said his head hurt and his stomach hurt. Which when you have a high blood sugar like he did, it makes you feel icky, (upset stomach, headache, etc, etc, etc). Over a month ago the exact same thing happened but he was 451, not feeling good so he came home, got some insulin, and felt better within the hour. However the substitute nurse didn't feel 'comfortable' with dosing him when he was not supposed to be. So long story short he came home. He got a small snack, insulin to cover the carbs plus 3 units of a correction dosage because by this time he was 427. An hour and a half later he was 129! And most definitely feeling much better.

The point to the story is that Type 1 never gives you a break, at Cub Scouts we were hit with a low, and at school he was forced to come home and miss out from getting Halloween treats and classwork in the later part of the day. No break, ever....