Saturday, July 30, 2011

Highs, and behavior!

I'm over the attitude and behavior problems that come along with high blood sugar numbers. Clifford has had a horrible attitude issue ever since Chad left for Annual training. In part it was manageable in the beginning. I figured he thought he could get away with things he normally wouldn't because it was just me. But then we had a day of highs yesterday and the behavior was even more annoying and out of control. I repeated to him several times "Just because your high doesn't give you a free ticket to be a butt.". I tried everything that I could think of with him, and he was in trouble quite a few times. Part of me knows he feels crappy and is acting out, but the other part of me knows I can't let him get away with it, because he's a smart kid and will use the "high" issue to his advantage at other times. He wants to be treated like a normal kid and that is what I do.

After our bg#'s came down all it took was a little phone call from Chad to let him know he needs to help out around here and being the oldest is a big responsibility because he models behavior for the others. Once he had a convo with him his attitude seemed adjusted. We've had a few 'issues' today but nothing nearly as bad as yesterday. I'm hoping this behavior keeps up for the rest of the week, because it's just the kids and I for another 6 days, and there is no way this mom is dealing with another day like yesterday.