Friday, June 22, 2012

D Mom without a D child in the house…..

Clifford’s been away now on summer visitation since last Friday… I feel the need oddly to test someone’s blood sugar, count carbs still, etc, etc, etc. As bad as it is I get to sleep in and not wake up in the middle of the night to test him (although the twins are still keeping me on my regular sleep schedule), however for some reason I feel guilty that I’m not doing it.

I’m still doing the day to day up keep of living with D. I have been communicating with his doctors and educators to schedule bloodwork to test his thyroid levels because he’s complaining of being more sleepy than normal. I have been keeping up to date with the schedule of getting prescripts shipped out to us on time. I even took a few about 40 minutes yesterday to reorganize the D shelf of supplies (main shelf), and the other shelves that are around the house, and restocked them.

Point to this all is even though he’s not here it’s still hardwired in my brain on how we live with Diabetes. And I do catch myself counting carbs, and trying to weigh out food. Even though I’m not doing the day to day upkeep right now I’m still doing the behind the scenes work that I always do.

And honestly it doesn’t differ too much from our day to day. Since Clifford is on the verge of turning 9, he’s been giving a bit more responsibility with his D  care. He tests himself, he puts in the carbs that I tell him, and confirms the bolus with me before bolusing himself. There are days I just monitor and watch, count carbs, and confirm boluses without touching the pump. However nighttime is still on me. I get up, test, bolus if needed, etc, etc.

I am getting a “small” glimpse of what it will be like when he’s old enough to be out on his own. I will still worry, I will still keep updated (as much as he’ll want me to), and I will still always revert to counting carbs, and weighing food, it’s just the new “norm”…