Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's official, Clifford has become a pumper... Of saline right now, but still pumping.... Wednesday he goes live on insulin. It is surprising just how easy the whole process is. We are bolusing at meals and still giving shots, but the pump calculates everything in there, it will show you how much to cover the carbs, and how much correction. We had a 2 hour class to learn to fill the reservoir, place on his infusion set, set basals, and how to bolus.

Right now Clifford's basals are set at 0.3 per hour for a TTD of 7.2 units. This is pretty much how much Lantus he was getting daily. However this may change because with the pump since it's subcutaneous it absorbs better than injections. It may seem like a lot of information in the beginning, but when you are there and actually have to bolus it's really quite simple. The pump did all the work in calculating the dosage for me this morning as well for what I gave him via syringe. It's nice to have another "brain" helping along the way. I think we will enjoy having the pump very much. He is scheduled to have an infusion set change today which Chad is going to do (Yay! to him), then again on Monday, and then on Wednesday (day we go live on insulin)... We are only 4 short days away from putting injections in the past, unless we need them in an emergency situation.

Clifford is slowly adjusting to having it attached to him. He couldn't figure out how to change out of his pants into pjs, but we figured a solution out for that. Then he was concerned about playing with the twins and that they would pull on it. But they left it alone and he got to play like normal. So for now this new norm is good. We'll be even more diligent the first few weeks of pumping insulin and perhaps a bit more sleepy but it will all be worth it.