Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ever have a dream you could not wake up fast enough from. Well that was my morning dream. I went back to sleep this morning only to have a dream that we had lost Cliffy. (lost=death). Definitely not a dream I want to be having, we'll call it more of a nightmare. I couldn't seem to wake up fast enough from it. It was torture, ripped my heart from my chest, and I couldn't seem to breath. Thankfully I did finally awake but it was something I never want to dream of again. I really don't have more of a post on this or really anything about diabetes this morning. D has been acting okay for the most part with exception of a nightime low of 49 on Easter night.

But I did want to pass on some Diabetes related information for those in the Seattle area.

For anyone in the Seattle area, please message me if you're interested in attending "Conversation about Diabetes" sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute on May 12th. (if not on FB, email