Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Do you remember that feeling in your stomach as a child afraid of the dark, or monsters in your closet, when night time rolled around? Well that same feeling lives in the stomachs of all D parents when they put their child to sleep at night. Overnights plan and simple SUCK. The fear of the unknown, or nocturnal hypoglycemia. After a scary morning with a low and possible seizure situation with Clifford, night time has become even more unsettling to my tummy!  I made a big step in putting that fear aside last night. He was 104 at 12:30 and well honestly that # can go either way. Typically would treat him up a small amount, but NOPE didn’t want to run the risk of running him high, so I let it ride. But just for a peace of mind I tested an hr later at 1:30 .. Rocking a 154 now, YES! I can sleep easy now at least for another hour and a half for a test at 3am. 130 at 3am, and back to sleep it was for me. Morning rolls around and I did my typical checking to ensure the kid was in fact breathing. Good to go. 79 at breakfast (not too shabby I might add) definitely happy with the night’s turn out, thanking God he woke up once again. Now to a day full of fun, running, playing, being a kid and hopefully good BG#’s until night time rolls around again and I’m and at it, kicking D in the butt.