Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day, and what it means to be a MOM.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a D mom???? What I think of is "Determination". I could have said lack of sleep, stressed, worried, or even fearful. But determination sticks out the most. Because above all else, we are determined that there will one day be a cure for our children. We are determined that even with a disease that doesn't behave running wild through their tiny bodies, that they will lead and live a normal, healthy life. We are determined they will learn just how strong they are, and how much we love them. And most importantly we are determined for our children to LIVE!!

What it means to be a mom all around to me is never ending love. The type of love no matter how bad, how mouthy, or how crazy you are, it stays with you. I hope that even though my kids will eventually get older, and have a family of their own and move away that they know and will never have to question whether they are loved. Mother's Day has gotten more interesting and fun as the kids get older and want to do and make things for you. In all I got 7 different flower pots, 3 carnations, COUNTLESS number of cards, breakfast in bed. But most importantly Hugs and kisses, and Many Happy Mother's Day from "all" my kids.

I heard many comments from members of our church today from "Well behaved kids, how do you do it, what's your secret, and super mom". But the comment that stuck with me the most, was the praise and admiration of another member for bringing the children to church and sunday school, so they can in turn learn about God's love. It's funny how watching your child learn to pray, and fold their hands can bring tears to your eyes.

I may lose hundreds, or more hours of sleep during my lifetime, I may get peed, puked and pooped on (this actually happened today by accident, Thank you ANNIE!), I may at times, just think "I cannot wait till these kids go to bed", or have days where the constant tattle telling just get's annoying. But in all I'm thankful and grateful for the opportunity that God has presented before me. The opportunity to mold, shape, and raise these little people. The opportunity to feel loved like no other love. This quote holds true

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

What makes my journey as a Mom even better is to have someone to share my journey with. And for that I am also very Grateful and thankful that God chose to make our path's meet again, and from that give us two more children, Annie & Maggie! It's a fun experience to watch them grow up and interact with one another. Our journey has just begun, but it is definitely going to be a great one!