Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm a carb, your a carb, everythings a carb!

Today was a more positive day in D land. Cliffy was chosen as an Ambassador for The Diabetes Dude! If you haven't heard of him yet, his name is Noah, and he's a great kid that is doing wonderful things to raise awareness for diabetes. Have a look at his site here: and also take a moment to vote for Noah here:

Cliffy and I are both very excited that he was chosen. It was a good day in our D land. After experiencing quite a few lows today from tons of playing and running, we couldn't have gotten better news! So for now we are on top of the world. The only downside was dinnertime when I just for one second wanted it to not be such a hassle. Gone are the days of just tossing something in the oven without concern of how much sugar or carbs are in it, or if there is enough protein. Now instead of carefree cooking and eating, we partake in counting carbs, weighing or measuring out the exact serving size so it's exactly the number of carbs listed on the box. For once I would like the word "CARB" to be erased out of my vocabulary. I think I know so much about carbs that I am beginning to turn into a carb.......

So I end my post tonight with a silly poem about carbs.

What is a carb, can you tell me?
A carb is what gives mommy a headache you see.
She counts them all day, and dreams about them at night.
We have to take on Carbs in our D fight.
For one day I wish the word carb would just go away.
Besides, isn't about time that carbs took a holiday.