Thursday, February 10, 2011

A High Morning

Today started with yet another 2 hour delay from school, this is our 3rd in a row. Shortly after breakfast this morning this is what our meter looked like.... He awoke a bit high at 323, had some Rice Krispies, and he wanted some tea with Splenda. Right before getting dressed for school he said he was dizzy. Usually dizzy is a sign he's low, or is starting to drop as I've come to the conclusion he can feel himself dropping, not necessarily just when he's low. However after testing our meter reads "Hi". Now previously we used the OneTouch Ultra 2 and a "High" reading meant the BG was over 600!!! With the Freestyle Lite it means a reading of over 500! With any reading like this, you do the following, wash hands, retest. Even after washing his hands AGAIN, and retesting it still read "HI".

As any Parent of a T1 knows, it was time to test for the dreaded Ketones yet again. I test in the morning, and test again if he has a higher BG reading. We are still using the Keto strips so it was a long 15 seconds, but *sigh* I saw it change over immediately. Thankfully our Ketone reading was only "Trace". Still not good but better then Moderate or Severe. For this I had Cliffy drink some more water. I think that boy is convinced he is going to turn into Aqua man with all the water he consumes daily. Before leaving it was yet another retest and our Ketones were gone with BG down to 384. Obviously still way high but much better then our "Hi" visitor this morning.

The first time we got a "Hi " reading on our new meter (picture above) Cliffy giggled and said I'm not high, the meter is just saying "Hi" to me.... He tends to find humor in anything which is a good thing. So now it's a matter of trial and error to figure out what exactly caused him to go a bit higher this morning, or was it from overnight and does his Lantus now need increased. A call to Children's will be in order after seeing what his numbers do tonight/ tomorrow.

And to think D recently gave us a good almost 2 weeks straight of being good with numbers from 81 and nothing higher then 178 except overnight one night to which he evened out in the morning at 134.... *SIGH* We had a good run!