Monday, October 10, 2011

The business of Diabetes

Wow it's been quite awhile since I've actually posted. We are obviously still fighting the fight with D, and doing our best to kick it's butt. Unfortunately we have had some high numbers with the start of school and it's been taking it's toll on Clifford. The bright side is that his numbers are finally starting to get back within range. Look for an increased A1c at his next endo appointment in November, but that is to be expected with school starting. On another bright note I've been so no busy, but productive :), because I got a new writing job working with a diabetes blog in the UK! It is very exciting to me because I can write about the truth about diabetes, and the difference between the types of diabetes. This is another step in awareness and getting the correct word out to others. In case you are curious and want to check it out the blog is located at:Diabetes UK. I will still be keeping everyone updated on Clifford's battle with D and how everything is going, just maybe not as frequent as before!