Sunday, December 4, 2011

Choose to be happy.

Despite the hell of the last few days in dealing with an illness and diabetes, I choose to be happy! In the midst of vomiting, trying to keep blood sugars up, I choose to be happy! If you sit and stir it is not going to help anything at all. We've all been there, we've sat, yelled and cursed at diabetes for what it does, and is doing. Trust me, I've thought how much more simple the flu would have been to handle without diabetes in the picture. But right now I can't change that, I cannot change it at this very moment so despite the curve balls being thrown at me the last few days, I have chosen to be happy. And you know what I am happy, beyond belief. I've had my moments of self pity thinking how nice it would be just to SLEEP for once. But the lack of sleep I am experiencing now is keeping my son alive, so why shouldn't I be happy. He's alive this morning, he's, granted not feeling well, but he's up, breating, reading a book and that should count for a lot. So despite the last 5 days I'm happy, and I think the household is all around happy. If I were to sit and mope and pity myself and pity Clifford for being sick and dealing with what he has to deal with then the house would feed off of that and the kids would be miserable. Instead they are happy, smiling and playing, having a good old time. My point in all this, is you need to make a decision to choose to be happy despite whatever is being thrown at you. God doesn't give you anything more than you can handle, although sometimes it may seem like it you can get through it. Choose to be happy and you will see a change in yourself and everyone around you. If you don't think you have anything to be happy about think of this... You're alive right? Well that's always a good thing.......

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