Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awareness, Advocacy-Our way!

Drama is everywhere and unfortunately even in the DOC. I mean seriously it's a bit ridiculous if you think about it because we are all fighting the same battle, in different ways but we are all FIGHTING diabetes.

If you choose to raise awareness by walking in a JDRF walk, then I'm proud of you. You are raising awareness your way. If you choose to raise awareness by telling everyone you meet about diabetes, then I'm proud of you too. If you choose to wear your blue heels, and let others know exactly what they stand for, then I'm proud of you. Do you see a pattern here? I'm proud of you however you choose to raise awareness and advocate. It doesn't matter how you do it, the important thing is you are doing it!

We all are fighting this fight whether we are a PWD, or a parent to a CWD, or a spouse of a PWD, we all are doing the same thing. I don't see the reason to jump on someone because they are not raising awareness and advocating the way you like.

So to Alexis, Diane, and Tony, know that I am proud of you all for the work in raising awareness and advocacy you all are doing!

I cannot forget to give a shout out to Noah (aka The diabetes Dude), and his family! I'm proud of you all too!

To all the other members in the DOC, I'm here to let you know that no matter what you do that "I'm proud of you for doing it".

Bottom line

I'm proud of you all!