Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost 2 years in....

Well here it is almost 2 years into Clifford's diagnosis of Diabetes and we are finally making some headway. I received word on Thursday that his pump was being shipped out that day! Took only 2 days after being told it was approved that it was shipped. It was all very exciting in choosing the color, his infusion sets, the tubing length, etc, etc. I got off the phone with goosebumps. I think though I am the most excited of everyone about the pump coming including Clifford. No idea when we'll actually start pumping. We are supposed to get a call within a week from the trainer to get us scheduled for training and starting him on saline first. I know it's all going to be very overwhelming in the beginning, just like diagnosis all over again. But I also know that this is a better choice for Clifford for his diabetes management, and it will most definitely be worth it.

2 years.... That's like a lifetime in D care when you think about it. Diabetes care involves 24/7 watch and management. Technically it's been 17, 520 hours of constant care and attention. I know there are others out there that have done this way longer, and I commend all of you! I'm just very excited we are finally heading in the direction of treatment we were wanting. Only one last step of getting the CGM approved and we will be there! Clifford's already been prepared that the first week on the pump will not be too much fun. He will just be on saline and will still require his injections daily (6 x a day). So in addition to the injections we'll be changing infusion sites. But he also knows that after that week it's live on insulin and no more injections(unless needed). It's very exciting as we enter in a new "normal" for us. I think we just started getting used to our other "new" normal.

Last night D cooperated for the most part. Clifford really enjoys these peanut butter cookies we have, but they are pretty carb loaded, and at night time I do not like to give him a bunch of carbs. So I told him we were trying a test. 3 cookies is 26 grams. So 3 cookies for tonight it was with 0.5 units humalog, and 7 units of Lantus. He was 130 at 8pm, and 137 at 10:30pm, then 152 at 4am. But come wake up time (he actually woke up at 6:50) he was 68.. Yuck, just glad he caught it. So the test was if his blood sugar was good throughout the night we would let him have the 3 cookies, and a 1/2 cup of the carb smart ice cream (13 grams), so a total of 39 grams. Definitely more than I like him having. The reason is he seems more sensitive to the humalog at bedtime and tends to drop like a rock with anything over 0.5 units. For the 39 grams depending on his blood sugar at bedtime he will have to get almost a full unit. That's scary territory to me, but I'm willing to let him have his treat, and get up and test to see how it's working.

Back to the pump... It will be here Tomorrow! So Happy Valentine's Day to us. I told Chad if I could keep my mouth shut I would save it for Diagnosis Day (his D anniversary ) on 2/28, but I can't keep my mouth shut about his pump in the house for 2 whole weeks, so yeah not happening!

So almost 2 years in and entering into new territory soon with pumping. For those of you that pump and tips/tricks/words of wisdom you have would be greatly appreciated!