Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Diabetic and the Cake!

Sounds like the title to a new Disney Movie, but it's more like a new horror story. Last night was a rare occasion in our house. Cliffy is permitted to have cake on birthday's and last night happened to be Hayleigh's 3rd. On top of that she wanted a "Lollipop" cake. Now this was tricky because Cliffy wanted a lollipop too, and why shouldn't he be allowed one if his sisters are having one. If you all do not know in addition to the 10grams of sugar those tiny, little dum dums have, they also contain 13 grams of carbs. This had to be considered into my "guessing" the carbs in the small piece of cake he had and added with those in his milk. Right there with the lollipop and milk we were at 21 grams of carbs. Needless to say I guessed and gave an extra amount of his humalog (fast acting insulin) but also determined I'd be checking overnight to see how my guesswork went.

Before snack we were sitting pretty at a 94, a great number to be having some cake on I told Cliffy. I totaled the guessing of the carbs, and gave the extra insulin. 2 hours out of eating that massive carb and sugary snack, we were at 148!! Yay! I was happy with that number. Another 2 hours out at midnight and we're sitting at a 153. Still golden I thought to myself and was starting to get happy about my guesswork. At 3am, we were at 115! Awesome I thought, plus I remembered because testing Cliffy overnights I have learned between 2 and 3 am he usually drops a little, well sometimes a lot depending on how D feels like being that night. Taking into consideration I know he jumps up a little bit between 4-6 am due to hormones, I decided with that 115 at 3am he should be good and would need no correction, and it looked as if I had guessed wonderfully with the cake, besides we were now 6 hours out from the cake and sitting at 115. Wake up comes thinking his number will be no higher then 220ish, I was fairy confident on that. Boy was I mistaken, the meter read a big fat 323! Cliffy goes "UGH it was the cake". I told him it couldn't have been the cake as I tested him overnight often and his numbers were awesome, so yay! Thank you hormones and D for wrecking a good number and this D mom's confidence on guessing carbs and insulin!

A lot of you will notice too that I no longer have daily posts all the time. If you actually enjoy reading my blog and miss that, I'm sorry. But there are times I don't feel like talking about D all the time. It takes over enough of a big chunk of our lives, I sometimes get burnt out, and just sit back and try to be as normal as possible, and not worry or talk about it. My head is filled with enough D information and research to fill a few football stadiums 2-3 times over and I just get sick of it sometimes. So during those times I am quiet. I'm still dealing with D, still battling the monster, and still fighting the good fight, just silently.