Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little excited... Understatement

To say that I am a little excited about Clifford starting on the pump is a HUGE understatement. Included in our pump package yesterday was a bunch of what I referred to as "homework". This all was to be reviewed and practiced, etc before we start our pump training. At first I would say I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of all this work. However I am happy to report The basic of insulin pump therapy, and a step by step guide to the pump as well as the owners manual to the pump was all reviewed and completed yesterday. In fact I finished up the practice portion of bolusing, setting basals, suspending, etc at around midnight. The CD that you see included went over all that plus some added extra's of learning how to fill the reservoir, the cannula and the tubing, as well as inserting the infusion set. All that was completed today. After all my studying and practicing I'm fully ready to get started in our pump journey!

How nice it would have been to have the pump in action last night when a correction was needed at midnight. He was 325, and had to be given a correction via syringe, would have been much easier and nice to press the button to bolus rather then to stick him on the bum with a needle. However he didn't flinch, still higher this morning but definitely better than 325.

This morning was a wee bit interesting for us at our house in the fact that Cliffords C:I ratio was changed for breakfast to 1:18. Now this morning he was 235 which meant he needed to be corrected and for that was 1.2 units. Now with what he wanted for breakfast the total units to be given was 6 units. I was a bit concerned with this large amount at one time. He hasn't really had over 5 units since diagnosis, but he is a growing boy and we're trying to combat the highs we've been seeing at school.

I called the nurse and he was 75 at lunch time. A little under target, but definitely not high. Now hopefully we got the highs at lunch under control, and now I'm looking onward to snack. I'm still noticing highs overall except a handful of times at snack time. I'm thinking it's time to make a change to his I:C ratio at lunch as well. I'm going to wait it out another day to see if the trend continues then give a call to his educator to discuss changing his I:C ratio from 1:40 at lunch to 1:30 to try to ward off some highs.