Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diabetes doesn't want to let you just be a kid......

Field Trip Day! One of the funniest things you can remember from being a child, especially when the field trip lasts all day long. The memo went out to Diabetes to act calm, cool, and collective on field trip day, but apparently it doesn't follow memos, or any rules for that matter.

Today Clifford had his Safety Day field trip at our County Fairgrounds. It was a nice set up and everything was fun and educational. Diabetes didn't get our memo to remain cool, calm, collective, and most importantly OUT of the way. Diabetes however doesn't really care if it's field trip day and you just want to be a kid. Diabetes could care less about what you want, it's main concern is about what it wants, and that is to wreak havoc over your body. Here we were 9:30 am sitting in the barn at our Fairgrounds about to watch a high voltage demonstration and I decided to do a "check" you know just to be sure. He was 409! I mean in comparison to what I was thinking, I guess Diabetes played a little nice. Grabbed his ketone meter was sure the site went bad, and this just depressed the crap outta me. Thankfully no ketones, time to correct. One hour later another "check" to see if he was coming down. He was still 345! "Facepalm".

So what did I do then? Well I've had my experience with the infamous rage bolusing now you can say that much. I wasn't about to let diabetes keep rearing it's ugly head and ruin field trip day. He was already feeling some effects from the high you could tell, rubbing his eyes, blinking like crazy, which tells me his eyes were not feeling too hot, or rather they were feeling really HOT. Even though if you'd ask him how he was feeling he'd tell you "I'm fine". So we corrected again, more aggressively than normal that's for sure. Fast forward to lunch time. Aside from the wicked cold temperatures, frozen hands and fingers we couldn't feel, we were having a good time. And Diabetes well it decided to play nice finally as he was 145. When he arrived home he was 147! This pancreas was patting herself on the back.  Two lows (77 and 63) later he was back with a 130 for dinner time, and an ending note of 109 for bedtime. Here's hoping that Diabetes got the bedtime memo that this pancreas is tired, has to work all night and is in need of her beauty sleep (as you can tell from the above picture).

Point to this post is, Diabetes could care less what you have planned. When you have Diabetes it's always there with you, no matter what you do to try to maintain it, it's always going to be there, some days it will play nice and others it will decide to be a huge pain in the rear end. But one fact remains constant it's always going to be there. It's going to be there when Clifford learns to drive, it's going to be there when he graduates from high school, it will be there when he get's married, it will be there at the birth of his first child (whom I pray so hard will not have to experience what their Daddy has to), it will be there throughout every monumental milestone in his life! However so will I, battling back (for as long as God allows), so will Clifford battling back, as pushing and fighting back to keep it in its place!