Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What February has in store!

Normally when you think of February you think of "love" "valentines day", or living as close as we do to Punxsutawney, PA, "Groundhogs Day". Abby's already asking when it's Groundhogs day and how many more days to count down to. But when February rolls around I think of the day our lives changed in a big way. On February 28th, 2010, Clifford was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Every year after we celebrate the new year, the next thought in my head is his Dx date is coming up. This year I'd like to do something special for him to make him see that we are able to celebrate a healthy year of living with diabetes. I really started thinking more of what to do for him on this day after last night. He is scheduled for dental surgery, (baby teeth pulled, a couple fillings) on Thursday February 2nd. He is supposed to go in ahead of time because he has to fast for the general anesthesia that he will go under for the surgery, so they want to monitor his blood sugar, etc, etc. So last night we were talking more about what is going to take place, that if he wants I am allowed to follow him into the operating room (their words not mine) and be with him until he's out from the anesthesia. I think he is a bit scared by all of it. I basically explained it helped to put him to sleep so when they pulled his teeth and filled them he wouldn't feel any pain. He looked at me and asked "Why does all the bad stuff happen to me".....

That right there tells you and from previous comments that he looks at diabetes as a bad thing. I try to remain positive about it with him celebrating good numbers, etc. But it does take it's toll. So I really think this year when his diaversary comes around we need to celebrate another healthy year with diabetes. On a more positive note since he is "8" this year I got a ADA Camp brochure in the mail. I would really like for him to go to camp this summer, so here's crossing fingers that we can make that happen for him.