Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the road to pumping

Soon within the next few months our lives will change once more. This time for the better. Yes it will be almost back to diagnosis time again learning and getting used to a new "norm", but we will get the much needed flexibility. In addition we are "crossing fingers" we are approved for the integrated cgm that can be included which will help relieve some stress as well. We had our Pre-Pump class today and choose the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm insulin pump, we are thinking of going also with the Mio infusion set. This will be a whole new world of diabetes that we are not used to. It's exciting, confusing and scary all rolled in one. The funny thing about our Pre-Pump class is I felt at home, they were speaking my "language". I knew what they were talking about and learned a few things as well. It was nice to be around an environment that we deal with daily. So hopefully very soon you'll see a blog post with a picture of a smiling Clifford and his shiny new "pancreas".