Friday, December 2, 2011

High Bg #'s, corrections, ketones, oh my!

I've come accustomed to understanding what is going on and why we are seeing certain #'s or ketones, etc. However I am completely baffled by the happenings of the last few days. On Wednesday Clifford woke up at 333 with moderate ketones, not feeling good, ate and wanted to go right back to bed. It took until 2pm to flush out the ketones and get his numbers finally under 200! The next day Pre Pump class, he was feeling great, but still numbers were high, with a 414 at Children's hospital for no reason, he had 4.5 units at Breakfast which is A LOT for him and it still didn't come down in fact it went up, but no ketones at this time. All day long there were no numbers under 200, in fact we concluded the night, or so we thought at 309, with a correction dose of 1.5 units, and 0.5 to cover the carbs for snack. 2.5 hours later you would assume his BG would be lower especially seeing as I opened a brand NEW bottle of humalog, and Lantus at bedtime, nope actually it was higher at 314. He was corrected again, and rechecked 1.5 hrs later, and still sitting at 254! I thought he would be okay and dip again at 3am due to his Lantus peaking, but nope, I was woken up at 1 am with him screaming out that he had gotten sick, in fact all over his floor. Once everything was cleaned up bg was checked and he was 163, but he got sick again, and again, and once more until 1:30 when he was finally sleeping with a BG# of 146. Finally at 2:30 I checked him he was only 133, and I treated since he would be dipping at 3am. I rechecked once more at 3 and he was now 121, time for bed. He actually slept straight through until 7:30. Wish I could say the same for me, I tested him once more at 5am before laying back down and he was 124. When he woke up we were at 98 and he was actually hungry, and his tummy was only hurting a little bit. He has been feeling much better all day long and I'm baffled as to if a virus hit him or he was feeling the unfortunate side effects from consistent high blood sugars for a day.