Thursday, August 23, 2012

WEGO: Advocating for Another Day #3


Day #3: Challenge Accepted! Post

Parenting isn’t all sunshine and ice cream – it’s hard. Write a post that delves into 3 challenges that you face as a parent

Parenting is one of those things you really go into without knowing exactly what to do or how to handle all situations. There are many challenges we face on a daily basis parents to a child with a chronic health condition, like keeping them alive. But instead I choose to write 3 challenges we face just as parents, not as parents to a child with Type 1 diabetes.

1. Dividing time: When you have more than one child, the challenge becomes dividing your time and attention to all children, and making sure not to favor one child over another. It’s a delicate balance, that some days doesn’t always work out the way we want. What I’ve learned is that your children want your undivided attention, even if that is for 10 mins a day. Playing a simple video game with them, or running around shooting up monsters, painting nails, and doing make up helps to keep them feeling good, and loved.

2. Being the enforcer: Parenting isn’t about being your child’s best friend. Although that would be a great outcome when they are older, now wouldn’t it? It’s about stepping up and being the bad guy from time to time. You cannot hand your children everything they want, or let them walk all over you. What kind of adults would they become if you always did everything they said?

3.Teaching responsibility: As a parent it’s your job to take this little life and transform it into a responsible adult. That is a HUGE responsibility on your shoulders. During their different ages you introduce new responsibilities to them. It’s important to not let day to day busy life get in the way. It can be easy some days after a long day to put things on the back burner and let them slide on chores or other things. However that is not painting the right picture for them or teaching them responsibility at all. Consistency is key when it comes to children.