Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A break from D......

I've heard it must be nice to have a break from D while Cliffy is in school.... A break from D????? I never have a break from D. Sure there are times when Cliffy is at school or at his dads that I'm not handling the hands on with D, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it. That doesn't mean that I'm still not "on call" if the nurse or his dad has a question about D or his care. I still haven't gotten used to getting the kids lunch ready without testing someones blood sugar or getting an injection ready. It is a weird feeling to me just to get lunch ready and have them eat, and nothing else. It also doesn't help that when I finally start thinking he's in good hands, I hear how someone messed something up when he was at school, and then I have to talk with them again, and have to start to worry constantly about his care when he's there. It may be a good day when the phone is silent from no one calling, but it's also those days that I'm watching the clock awaiting his return so I can see how it all went. It's also days like today where it's a guessing game on the amount of carbs, because Cliffy wants Pizza like everyone else. I honestly think it's days like this that are harder then the "Hands on" care of D. At least when he's home I know what's going on, and where his numbers are at.

At the end of the month we go back to clinic to get our A1c, what I refer to as my report card. Which will give a generalized idea of how well we've been fighting D the last 3 months. In December our A1c was 7.1, which is great, but I was disappointed in myself for the reason being in September it was 6.9, so we had a bit of an increase. I would really LOVE to see a drop this time, or for it to stay the same, no increase!! However we had over a week straight of highs, crazy highs from being sick, and the days leading up to that week we had highs, as well as the days after. And just when you think things are getting back to normal (if there is even such a thing) you have a morning like today 323!! I cannot wait until we can start our classes to move towards the pump. When I correct him overnight with an injection its a guessing game if he's actually going to climb or if he will even out before morning. And for that reason even though I hate seeing his waking number over 300, I don't like to correct until he's pushing 300-400 at 3am. Which he was not last night, he was sitting steady the last few hours at around 210. So sad to say today was one of those mornings that D went "Neener, neener, neener " to us when we saw that number. So for now D has got one over on us, but I will most definitely make sure it doesn't tomorrow.

We are finally becoming a virus free household. But let me tell you that was a long 2 and a half weeks. I was beginning to think I would never have a day without a sick child. It went through Cliffy, Hayleigh, and Abby first. It took a full 10 days for Abby to feel better. Then I was hit, thankfully only for 3 days, then Annie got not just Influenza B but an ear infection too. It very much threw off her sleeping schedule, and my baby who once slept through the night (8pm-5am) with Maggie, has now been waking up every 1-2 hrs all night long for the last 5 nights. Needless to say Mommy is very tired... Lastly it hit Eric, but he was another lucky one and only had it a few days. After 2 and a half weeks, Chad is the only one who hasn't gotten sick at all, no fever, no congestion, no sinus issues, nothing. He is contributing it to him taking his new vitamin, Double X. Which I think is true, since he made me start taking it along with a Vitamin C supplement from Nutrilite when I was sick and I only had it 3 days versus a week like the rest of the kids. Hopefully things can get back to normal now and we can get back into a routine, because this up every few hours again is not fun.

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  1. I hear that too. "At least you get a break from diabetes when Jack is in school." D is never far from my thoughts! And there are always phone calls from the school nurse. We D mamas just don't get true breaks!

    Hope everyone stays healthy!