Friday, March 4, 2011

If I could write a book.............

If I could write a book I would start it with a happy ending.

"And then there was you........ "

And then there was you is really not an ending, but my happy beginning. The words that fill in the rest of the space before there was you do not matter, what matters is the here and now. Here and now stands us together, what came before this is our story about the bridges that connected us together throughout time to always make sure we one day crossed them to meet again.

When you touch someones life so deeply that they carry you with them always throughout time and space, well now that should mean something. It speaks wonders about your character, your life, and more importantly about the type of person you are. If I could write a phrase to pass on to our children so that they would one day know where it all began it would be this.

It all started with a look.... And from then on out my heart was hooked.....

Our past isn't what defines us, our past is what molds us to become the person we are today. But your never truly the person you were meant to be until your heart is where it was meant to be.

My point of writing a brief picture into my head on our relationship is this. With everything that has happened. I am still probably to some sickenly happy. I am now becoming the person I was meant to be. The person that my son needs to fight the good fight for him in his path to a cure for the disease that invaded his body. And for that I am very thankful. Thankful that I can be who I need to be for myself, and for my family. I'm also thankful that I can be who I was meant to be because my heart is finally where it was meant to be......

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